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Sometimes healing takes place one-on-one. Sometimes in a group. Following is a list of workshops I have developed to help you learn the skills to better care for yourself and others.

I have brought these short, single-session interactive programs to large and small groups in a variety of settings, including Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Fleet Feet — Chicago, Roosevelt University, McKinnon Institute of Massage and the International Association of Business Communicators — San Francisco Chapter.

I am also available for public speaking, group facilitation and moderation. Contact me for more information on pricing.


Infant Massage

Learn tools and techniques for connecting with and improving the health and happiness of the newborn or infant in your life.

Benefits of infant massage:

  • Improved sleep for baby (and parents!)
  • Better digestion and weight gain
  • Stimulated immune system
  • Increased muscle tone, coordination and brain functioning
  • Better bonding for parent and child

Learn specific strokes, suggested oils, and best times to massage your baby. Develop skills for understanding your baby’s cries and messages. And give your baby his or her first massage in a safe, supported environment.

Cost: $125 for 75-minute session in your home, includes supplementary instruction booklet.

Contact me for group rates.


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Partner Massage

Learn simple techniques for relieving stiff necks, tight shoulders, achy low backs and sore forearms — without a massage table.

In this 2.5-hour class you will learn:

  • Simple anatomy for safe and effective massage
  • How to determine the right amount of pressure to use
  • Ways to work smart and keep your body pain-free
  • Language for communicating feedback that supports both giver and receiver

Class taught in your home or office and includes take-home notes.

Cost: Price depends on number of participants.

Contact me for a quote.


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Map Your Way to a Body You Love™

Imagine accepting — perhaps loving — your body as it is right now. How would your life be different?

Would you:

  • Skydive?
  • Ask for a raise?
  • Initiate sex?
  • Publish a poem?
  • Say no?
  • Take a nap?

Find out. Using photos, art supplies and images and words from magazines, you will tune into the ideas, myths and messages you have about your body, toss out those that don’t work and create a roadmap for change that serves YOU. You will emerge with confidence and practical steps for moving in the direction of your dreams.

2.5-hour workshop conducted in your home or office.

Cost: Price depends on number of participants. 4-person minimum.

Contact me for a quote.


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Your Body Will Never Betray You:
Simple Tools for Making Friends with
Food and Your Physical Self™


  • Eating the foods you love without guilt or shame
  • Trusting your body’s wisdom — rather than someone else’s — around food and exercise
  • Loving your body as it is today rather than what it might become

In this one-hour workshop you will begin to create a new, easier relationship with food and your body.

You will learn to:

  • Identify hunger and satiety
  • Distinguish physical from emotional hunger
  • Home in on foods that physically feel good when eaten
  • Connect with your physical body
  • Give yourself what you want and need most, with and without food.

Class taught in your home or office.

Price depends on number of participants. 4-person minimum.

Contact me for a quote.


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Stretch Your Body. Stretch Your Dollar:
Relieve Pain Now Using Items in Your
Home or Office™

Does work hurt? Do you experience neck and shoulder pain? Headaches and fatigue? Sore forearms? Tingling and numbness in your hands?

Each job has its specific hazards. Whether you are a parent carrying and lifting constantly growing children and their constantly growing loads, or a programmer locked in front of a computer for 14-plus hours a day — the constant use and overuse of muscles can break down your body, and your psyche.

Learn simple self-care tools and techniques for reducing pain and potential health-care costs using tennis balls, pencils, socks, a doorway and your own body. This one-hour workshop can be customized to meet your specific home or workplace needs.

Class taught in your home or office.

Cost: Price depends on number of participants. 4-person minium.

Contact me for a quote.


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"I was able to change my mind, just a little bit, towards faith in my body."

Sage, on her experience in "Map Your Way To A Body You Love."

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