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In The News

Massage & Bodywork Magazine — March/April 2009

How do you bride the gap between holistic therapist and entrepreneur?

"Quite simply, I don't see the two as mutually exclusive. A teacher once told me if I wasn't marketing my business, I was being stingy. Those words stuck."

"My work is a gift. My practice is the forum for offering it. It is my job and my obligation to share my vision and my vocation with as many people as I can, so that those who may benefit are able to find me."

"Remembering this, the business of my business is a spiritual practice."
Lesley Pearl

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It's about making that connections and intergrating that touch inot your daily routine.

Pregnancy — March 2009

Here's the Rub: Infant massage — the perfect activity for helping baby chill before bedtime

Before you begin, Lesley Pearl, a massage therapist in Chicago, recommends gently resting your hands on your infant's belly, making eye contact and telling him or her that you're going to start massage. If your baby has splayed fingers, an arched back, or is turning away, these are likely signs that now's not a good time, Pearl says.

Using a firm, slow, rhythmic touch, begin with the feet, Pearl suggests...."Always keep one hand on the baby so nothing feels suprising," Pearl says. And you shouldn't feel pressure to massage from tiny toe to forehead to the point of meltdown. Your massage may only last five minutes and, for a newborn, that's fine. Pearl often reminds parents, "It's about making that connection and integrating that touch into your daily routine."

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My work is a gift. My practice is the forum for offering it.
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