What Others Are Saying

Massage + BodyWork
"Lesley is a kind of magician — my aches and pains always disappear by the morning after our sessions."

"Lesley helped me cope during an arduous course of chemotherapy treatment. Her skills helped relieve some of the fatigue, nausea and body aches that were side effects, and helped me enormously during a truly physically challenging period."

"Lesley was able to bring me back to full mobility and freedom from pain with far less energy than has been used in all my prior treatments. She has the combined gift of a soulful and knowledgeable touch… Amazing."

"I have had numerous forms of bodywork and massage, but none come close to the understanding and care that I experience with Lesley. I refer all of my patients to her."
Alexandra, Licensed Acupuncturist & Nutritionist

"I started going to Lesley two years ago on a recommendation from a friend and I haven't gone to anyone else since. I worked as a massage therapist for many years, so I have pretty high standards of what I'm looking for in a massage. To me, two things make an excellent massage therapist: great technical skills and intuitive, healing touch. Lesley has both in spades."

"The thing about Lesley is that she is this great balance of healer and pragmatist — she is intuitive and organized, nurturing and on time. Her bodywork is also a great balance — firm pressure and subtle healing, depending on what your body is needing at that particular moment and place. She is an exceptionally good massage therapist."

"Lesley’s gift for massage and bodywork is unparalleled. I’ve benefited in many ways. Emotionally, spiritually, and, of course, physically."

Classes + Workshops
"I attended your (Map Your Way to a Body Your Love) workshop in Oakland, and, if you recall, one of my issues was trying to become pregnant. Well, I am now the happy, healthy parent of one happy, healthy little boy, Eli. I got pregnant in August, right after your workshop. While I know that fertility is complex and there is no small amount of luck, molecular physics and magic involved, I thought I would thank you for your part."

"Taking (couple’s massage) classes with Lesley removed the mystery surrounding massage and made it something practical that we could do at home."

"My daughter has never slept for 12 hours straight (until now — following the infant massage workshop). My husband couldn’t believe it either! The massage (techniques) are truly helpful."
Bonnie, mother of Penny – 7 months old

Food + Body Image
"With Lesley’s help I’ve come to know my body as something more than a source of shame. I’ve learned that it is capable and that it serves me well. I know that weight is just a number and that I have options at every turn. With her guidance, I’ve kept off 20 pounds and returned to my pre-pregnancy weight."

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