My brother, Michael, and I as children. I am grateful that I still find magic in lighting the Chanukkah candles. And that I get to use the very same menorah pictured here.


G is for...
G is for Good. For Giving. For Grace. Gratitude and Gifts. G is for Genius and for Growth.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like winter in Chicago. Snow is expected tonight. And I’ve been wearing my full-length down coat for a few weeks now. It will be my fourth winter here. And I’m only mildly concerned about the weather. That seems like growth, like grace. Or maybe just a few days too many in Missoula, Montana last month – a place where no one talks about the weather. It just is. And it seems that all weather is good weather too.

Is that grace? Accepting all things…including the weather…as they are? Or is gratitude pushing out a natural inclination towards good-natured crankiness?

Each night when I list all the gifts of my life, my gratitude grows. Gratitude for my clients and my work. For the opportunity to exercise my own personal genius – in the massage studio and in the Weight Watcher meeting rooms. Gratitude for my down coat and warm gloves. My cats and a cup of hot tea. Gratitude for the suggestion to increase my dosage of vitamin D in the winter and to purchase a light box and sit in front of it. Gratitude for a growing willingness to do these things, and others, that help me to feel good.

Any time my husband or I start sliding down the slippery slope of anger, resentment or victimhood, we try to throw the other a rope to pull ourselves out. The rope looks something like this, "Quick! Five things you are grateful for right now…. Seriously!… Now!" (I can’t take credit for this genius. I learned it from my friend and teacher, Stan…for whom I’m grateful.)

It’s impossible for our brains (or at least my brain) to hold two conflicting thoughts at once. I can’t be self-righteous and grateful. I can’t be angry and grateful. I can’t be morose and grateful. And I can’t be fearful and be grateful.

Today I choose gratitude. And each successive day that I choose gratitude, that gratitude continues to swell and grow. It is good.

Quick! Five things that you are grateful for right now…. Seriously!… Now!

G is for Giving.

Have you found grace and goodness in the bodywork you receive? Consider sharing it with another, and watch the goodness grow. Gift certificates are available for 30, 60, 75 and 90-minute massage and bodywork sessions, as well as infant-massage lessons and bodysherpa services.

For the duration of the year, I will donate $5 to the Chicago Food Depository for each gift certificate purchased – a small token of my gratitude for you and your support.

Wishing you grace and goodness, now and always.
Be well,


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