Definitely feeling free...


F is for...
F is for fascia. For freedom. For faith. F is for fun.

I’ve had pain in my left hip for as many years as I can remember. Actually, that’s not quite true. I *think* it began after a car accident that occurred probably 10 years ago. It’s not the sort of thing that stops me from doing anything I would do. It’s a niggling, "Hello, I’m here. Right here at your SI joint. Pay attention to me."

I’ve had acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, massage, and Osteopathic manipulation. All of it has helped. Temporarily. And that has mostly met my expectations. I’d like to have it “figured out” but maybe that just isn’t the path. Maybe I have to be content with “patient progress.”

Then I began to have problems in the right side of my leg. Fascial pain. I know it well. It’s a burning, searing kind of pain that only fascia (connective tissue that wraps every muscle, group of muscles, nerve and blood vessel) brings on. It never occurred to me that it could be related to the left side.

Last week, at my physical therapist’s office I asked her if she would do something to me that I do to my clients. It’s called a fascial twist. And basically, it involves her getting low, wrapping both arms around my thigh, one hand facing the other, “winding up” and gently twisting my leg.

In an instant, everything changed. Freedom. The pain in my leg was gone. My entire pelvis shifted to the right. I literally felt it drop. The pain in my right arch vanished. And guess what? It did in my left hip too. Side benefit? I could balance on one foot on both sides.

If you’ve read my newsletters or been on my table, you know that I believe that pain is a messenger. It is a red alert that something isn’t right. I also believe we know our own bodies best. The answers are often inside of us. I don’t know why I asked my PT to do this twist that one day...but I heard the voice and I responded.

Call it serendipity. Call it G-d. Call it a fluke. I don’t count on knowing exactly what I need in this way. That is why I seek out help. I see other practitioners because I trust and honor their work and their wisdom. I have faith in them and what they do. And that I can heal. That is why I’ve continued to seek treatment for so long. Because I am better with it than without it. Even if I never eradicate the problem entirely. I have faith in the process.

The pain has started to inch back slowly. I’m not surprised. My body was used to one pattern for a long time. So this “new one” needs to be set more than once. (Think of a cast. It holds the new position for healing. We can’t put our muscles or fascia in a cast, so we do the next best thing – we set and reset a new position through bodywork, until it sticks and becomes the new normal. And usually, we follow up with tune ups from time to time.)

I’ve got a call into my PT to get back on her table. In the meantime I have faith in the freedom my body experienced. And that my mind experienced when I was no longer thinking about my discomfort.

What discomfort is guiding your thoughts and actions? What physical and emotional pain is keeping you stuck? What would you do if you were free from that pain?

Happy New Year! I look forward to working with you soon, and to helping free up what your body has been holding.

Be well,

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