One of my 2010 "askings" -- me, Holly and our friend Rachel, visiting from Indonesia.


A is for...
A is for Awareness. Awakenings. And Aha’s. A is for Asking. And for Answers.

A marks the beginning of the alphabet. January, of our calendar year.

On January 1, I honor this beginning by answering a series of questions from the book, "The Language of Letting Go."

What would I like to have happen in my life? In my business? In my relationships? What would I like to invite in? What would I like to let go of?

After answering these questions, in a letter to myself, I seal them in an envelope. Then I open my letter from the previous year.

These letters are a sneaky way of asking my heart its most secret desires.

Much like a vision board. Words and pictures that appeal on a gut level pasted to a board or piece of paper. From all that I’ve read, a vision board is most helpful when one makes it, and forgets about it. Only to resurrect it sometime later to see what has become. Like my sealed envelopes.

A couple of years ago I made a vision board and pasted a large cow on it, as well as a picture of a backyard bbq and kids jumping into a lake holding hands. I didn’t yet know I was moving back to the Midwest. But really, it was all right there.

I think that’s the magic of manifesting through art. It is an exercise in unconscious awareness. Giving voice to my most intimate yearnings and knowings, which sometimes, for whatever reason, I don’t have words for. That I can’t yet even whisper.

It’s me being ok with not knowing and seeing what "comes up." Giving myself room to explore. To ask questions. And see what answers appear. Not the "right answers." The ones I think I am supposed to respond with. But the ones that just creep up. Like cows and bbqs and lakes. My truth.

What about 2010? Some of the askings (and the results of them) were a near-daily presence from January 1 through December 31. I made contact with and met some long-lost family members. And I underwent a surgery I had pondered for years.

But some of my askings I had forgotten about, and I was pleasantly surprised in seeing what had come to be for me:

  • Finding a spiritual teacher in Chicago
  • Adding new clothes to my closet that are flowy and forgiving, that make me feel fabulous
  • Seeing my friend Rachel who lives in Indonesia

I noticed that my askings got a little smaller for 2011. Probably because I’m asking less of myself. And that feels good and right, right now. An "aaahhh" rather than an "aha." An interesting awareness nonetheless. I’ll tell you how it all unfolds in 2012.

What answers, aha’s and awarenesses did you receive in 2010? And this 2011, what are you asking of yourself? Of the universe?

  • Do you have a tough time responding?
  • Knowing what you want?
  • Questioning who you were meant to be?
  • And just what that looks like anyway?

Gather a group of 4 or more friends and together we will unearth the answers already inside you as we "Map Your Way to a Body You Love™"

Using photos, art supplies and images and words from magazines, we’ll tune into the ideas, myths and messages you have about yourself and your body, toss out those that don’t work and create a roadmap that serves you.

You provide the space and participants. I provide the tools and guidance to help you answer “the big questions” in a fun, supportive and creative way.

Here’s what one participant said about this workshop:

"I attended your (Map Your Way to a Body Your Love) workshop in Oakland, and, if you recall, one of my issues was trying to become pregnant. Well, I am now the happy, healthy parent of one happy, healthy little boy, Eli. I got pregnant in August, right after your workshop. While I know that fertility is complex and there is no small amount of luck, molecular physics and magic involved, I thought I would thank you for your part."
- Sage

Cost dependant on number of participants. Call 312.637.9202 for more information, or click here for more information.

Wishing you awareness, abundance and lots of aaaahhhhs.
Happy New Year!
Be well,


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