Kissing goodbye one of the many friends I’ve met during my year abroad.


Me vuelvo.
From the verb, volver – to return. Reflexive.

"I return to Chicago on July 7 with a one-way ticket.

In Spanish, a verb is reflexive if the action remains with the subject, or more simply… it is something we do to and for ourselves.

To return to deep friendships. To West African dance. To Weight Watchers, a Jewish community and my 3-speed vintage Raleigh cruiser. To return to Lake Michigan.

To return to my work – as a massage therapist and a bodysherpa. And to a place where I can DO my work – properly.

When I moved to Spain last July to teach English, I thought I had left behind my profession of 13 years. Turns out I didn’t … as my work followed me all the way across the Atlantic.

No massage table. No proper lotion. Not even a spare set of sheets. And yet I found myself back at work – talking to people with my hands, inviting them to their own attention, to their own healing. On beds, in chairs and on the floor – propped up with pillows and blankets. Athletes and moms-to-be. Travelers, other teachers and professionals with desk jobs.

New parents learning how to massage their babies.

I didn’t look for the work. It came to me. It returned to me. Or I, to it.

“I wasn’t entirely sure how Lesley was going to make my massage work in my tiny flat, without a table … but I think I got more from it because of the different positions we used. Lying on the bed. Sitting in a chair, supported by pillows. I was able to experience both relaxation and deep-tissue work. And the two complemented each other perfectly.” – Helen, Madrid

I sold almost everything before boarding a plane for Madrid last July – nearly all my belongings reduced to two suitcases and two carry-ons – a one-year student visa tucked in my purse. My friend Lisa held onto a box of important papers, some jewelry, my massage table and all of my massage books, storing them in her attic. Seems some part of me knew I’d be returning all along … to this work, to be certain.

Beginning July 11 massage and bodywork sessions are available Monday through Saturday in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood. (House calls are available. Contact me for more details.)

Prices are:

60 minutes – $95
75 minutes – $115
90 minutes – $135
(Note: Fees unchanged since 2014.)

Infant massage and Couples Massage classes and a variety of self-care and self-exploration workshops are also available. Click here for more details.

"Taking massage class with Lesley really helped us to be able to connect with our little boy. After a rather unnatural birth and many hours of separation from me, I'd always considered him an anxious baby. The techniques learnt in class have helped him to relax. It's also been lovely to see daddy connect with him too through touch. A wonderful experience. Thank you very much!” – Laura, Madrid

To help you get “back on the table,” to return to that commitment to yourself, I am offering a 5 percent discount from now through July 30 when you pay for 3 or more sessions in advance, and a 10 percent discount when you pre-pay for 6 sessions. (I accept cash and checks. Credit card payments processed through PayPal.)

I look forward to seeing you soon and to returning to our work.

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